Book Review Thursday: Meditation with Intention

Meditation with Intention: Quick and Easy Ways to Create Lasting Peace

Anusha Wijeyakumar MA

Meditation with Intention covers the topic of using meditation, particularly meditation on particular intentions, to influence your life for the better. The book is divided into nine chapters covering nine intentions:

I change my mindset to change my life

I let go of excuses

I am not my thoughts

I embody courage and strength

I live my life for me

I trust my inner truth

I live in the here and now

I embrace my pain

I love and accept myself

It’s a pretty quick little read; it’s 183 pages long and the book is actually a bit smaller in size making the length of the book somewhat shorter than even the page number. Wijeyakumar’s writing style is very engaging and easy to read. If you are into meditation, mindfulness, yoga or all three, this will be a good read for your practice.

Will a traditional Christian be able to engage with this book? In my opinion, there is plenty to glean from this book regardless of your faith background. The book is written from a traditional Hindu perspective, which I enjoyed for the honesty of how meditation is viewed in a religious context, as most books try to strip yoga and meditation from their original religious roots. But for the same reason, most traditional Christians would be uncomfortable with the book as it is overtly Hindu. Also, the book is written with a manifestation mentality – the idea that through visualization and meditation, one can manifest certain things into reality. I’m a bit skeptical of manifestation, but am willing to read about the topic. However, the traditional Christian will most likely find this offensive.

If you’re not a traditional Christian (or a Christian at all), but are open to spirituality in general, I highly recommend this book. The exercises included in every chapter are simple and easy to follow. If you are looking to get into meditation or are new to the practice, this is a great starter book. If you’ve been meditating or practice yoga for awhile, this book is a good refresher course and basic concepts. Overall, I would recommend this book for beginners of meditation or those who are interested in learning more about the topic.

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